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North to Alaska

" Ruf der Wildnis " Reise Deine Träume




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and the best......

                                                " North to Alaska "


Dusty Sourdough - The Star from Song " North to Alaska " Live in the Gold Mine !


Text zum Original-Song " North to Alaska "         

North to Alaska

Go north, the rush is on

Big Sam left Seattle in the year of


With George Pratt, his partner and

brother Billy, too

They crossed the Yukon River and

found the bonanza gold

Below that old white mountain, just

a little southeast of Name

Sam crossed the majestic mountains

to the valleys far below

He talked to his team of huskies

as he mushed on through the snow

With the northern lights a runnin` wild

in the land of the midnight sun

Yes Sam McCord was a mighty man

in the year of nineteen-one

Where the river is windin`

Big nuggets they`re findin`

North to Alaska

Go north, the rush is on

Geprge turned to Sam with his gold in his hand

Said, " Sam, you`re lookin`at

a lonely, lonley man

I�d trade all the gold that`s buried in this land

For one small band of gold

To place on sweet Jenny`s  hand

`Cause a man needs a woman

to love him all the time

You know Sam, a true love is so hard to find

I`d build for my Jenny a honeymoon home

Beneath that old white mountain

Just a little south of Name ".

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alaska h.e.schiewer baeren anchorage ruf der wildnis reise deine traeume alaskaweb